Moving to Lynden


Located 15 miles north of Bellingham and 5 miles south of the Canadian border is Lynden, Washington. Lynden is a large valley, formed by the Nooksack River, and much of the surrounding land includes large dairy and berry farms. In almost every measure, from the topography of the land to the developments, the rural property, to the culture, Lynden offers a completely different lifestyle compared to Bellingham. Lynden is now best known for its Dutch heritage. Dutch settlers were attracted to Lynden near the turn of the century for its attractive farm land. To this day, many of the most influential families and businesses share Dutch roots. This is a picturesque town, with old charm on the main street, nice restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and a small-town feel. Lynden is home to the Northwest Washington Fair, which attracts nearly 200,000 attendees every August.

Location and Population

Population: 16,717

Distance to Canadian Border: 12 min

Distance to Seattle, WA: 2 hrs

Business and Income

Median Income (Household): $67,085

Median Income (Individual): $34,543,

# of Companies: 846


Some college or associate's degree: 41%

* Of 25-64 years-olds,


Median Home Price: $510,500

Average Home Sale Price: $542,973

Average Dollar Per Square: $283

12-Month Appreciation: 22.9%

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