We are thrilled to introduce a new and exclusive program: “Market Ready Plus”.

We are the first Real Estate firm in the Pacific Northwest to offer this service exclusively with a partnering contractor. We are also the first John L Scott franchise office to offer this amazing new service. 

One contractor provides all bids for repairs, upgrades and even staging for your home. The bid is expedited usually within a week or less!

Consider typically how long this process can take...Getting a bid for new carpet, getting a bid for paint, for a handyman...all of these are different contractors with different schedules. We make it easy by providing you a bid on all of the work with one visit. 

Your John L. Scott broker helps you review how the bids will (or sometimes may not) pencil out to grow your home equity for a higher net resale value.

It is one thing to get the bids, it's another to figure out whether you will see a real return on investment. That is where your John L Scott broker comes in. We will provide an analysis for you of what the home value is "as is", with all of the work done, or with just some of the updates done.

The work and services you approve is done by local contractors. And all contractors are thoroughly vetted and are licensed and bonded for the work they provide.

This means you do not have to worry about the quality of the work. Our partner contractor also backs all of the work 100%. So you have ONE person to go to with any issue.

You pay nothing until closing!

This is where the program gets remarkable! This allows you to sell your home at 100% peak value, with less hassle and keeps your savings where it belongs. You simply agree to the bid, and in most cases, there is a 0% interest until your home sells. Our contractor pays all of the subs upon completion of the work and accepts payment from you at closing. This is absolutely ideal if you want to keep your savings in savings. OR if you simply do not have the liquidity to the work needed to maximize your home's value.

This program can also be used for minor work too! No job is too small. 

Contact our office for more details at 360-671-9640